What we do

By Willem Ligtenberg, za 19 oktober 2019, in category Website


Open Source

We specialise in data science and machine learning using open source tools. Not only do we think that open source is the right way of developing software, but it also allows us to use the same best of breed solutions for both large enterprises and small companies.

Question refinement

There are often multiple questions that need answering within a company. Often the questions are too large to be answered. We help with breaking down and refining the questions to allow them to be answered with data science and machine learning.

Data exploration

Data science and machine learning require the right data in order to be able to answer the questions at hand. We help with the first exploration of the data and will provide feedback on how to improve data quality or how to gather new data.


We help with implementing the right model to answer the questions at hand. This can range from the more simple statistical models to bayesian modeling and deep neural networks.

Taking the model into production

A lot of data science teams struggle with getting the models in production. We at 42Analytics have the experience to get models into production, all using open source technologies.

Shiny application development

Visualisation is an important aspect of data science. For visualisation there is no better language than R. Ggplot2 is the prime example of a visualisation library, these graphs can be made interactive using Plotly and Shiny. At 42Analytics we have ample experience with building custom visualisations and bespoke Shiny applications.