By Willem Ligtenberg, ma 11 januari 2021, in category Website


Data science is a very broad field, this means that universities have to choose what to add to their curriculum. Often they focus on the more technical parts of machine learning. They often omit other important parts of the job, like writing maintainable code, how to approach large projects and communication with other parts of the business.

With my experience I can help junior/medior data scientists with these aspects of the job. Bringing them to the next level, because having a model on your laptop does not mean that it is useful for the business. The coaching will boost the effectiveness of the junior data scientist, and keep your own experienced data scientists free to work on data science problems for the business.

Depending on the needs of the individual, I can help with asking the right questions to the business, setting up proper model validation and packaging it all up in a Docker container ready to deploy.

The process would start with a meeting to determine which areas are most important. From there we estimate the amount of coaching that would be required. For a junior data scientist this is around 8-12 hours per week.